“Megan is not an in-your-face artist. She tells her story with subtle passion and not with rage” (No Depression). Megan Keely is a songwriter and vocalist based in San Francisco. Her sincere lyrics and honey-coated vocals have been captivating audiences from the Bay Area to Brooklyn. She’s most at home singing a love song, but she’s not afraid to take on some of the more controversial themes of our current times: “Wherein many songwriters today rightfully go at these topics with anger, Keely reminds us that even in the darkest of days, there's a beauty about life that empowers us to keep on fighting” (PopMatters).

The songs on Megan’s most recent album, Bloom, "run a broad emotional gamut" (Billboard). Keely recorded Bloom's seven intimate songs with the Punch Brothers' Gabe Witcher, her brother Brandon Keely on guitar and other top-shelf musicians. “A band of studio all-stars gives Bloom’s old-school folk-protest vibe a fully modern acoustic-electric kick” (Oakland Magazine). The album contains numerous standout tracks, including the opening song ‘Define American’ in which “she continues to be active in advocating change not only in political action, but change in attitudes toward groups that are marginalized (The Bay Bridged).” Her lead single, “Much like all of the songs Bloom is comprised of, ‘Stronger’ is “an affirmative fist raised for hope amidst a divisive political climate” (PopMatters). Born out of a need to self-soothe and channel disconcerted energy, Bloom is a 7-song salve for both your heart and mind.

The album's only cover, the traditional Spanish folk song ‘De Colores,’ is emblematic of the farm workers movement and labor protests. The soothing lullaby offers a bit of healing for the album’s listeners. “She hasn’t sunk into desperate pessimism: Keely sings, in Spanish, the classic ‘De Colores’ — a staple of United Farm Workers rallies — and closes the album with the optimistic anthem ‘We Will Be Fine’” (Oakland Magazine).

But Megan is not only a solo artist. Her list of collaborators include producer T Bone Burnett, which resulted in her and her brother’s song ‘Rules’ landing on The Hunger Games companion soundtrack. Keely’s song ‘Dream It Now’ provided the soundtrack for the promotion of director Davis Guggenheim’s (Inconvenient Truth) documentary film,The Dream Is Now. Megan is also one third of the all-female folk trio Glittersnatch with Wolf Larsen and Kelly McFarling.